Bring on ‘The Happy’

Written by GeNeise Fuller – aka Lady Ge’

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As a Something More Writer, I understand more and more the mission of bringing ‘The Happy’ into the lives of hurting women.
Let’s face it; all of us go through things in life that’s sometimes isn’t pleasant. I call them ‘Issues of Life’ (Prov. 4:23b).  Which means, we all endure heartache, pain, disappointments, set backs, loss, on and on.

I am realizing more and more in order to get to ‘The Happy’, you have to deal with the pain; and that my friend isn’t easy at times. But I have a little slogan that help keeps me Free in my thinking, and it says, ‘If you want to be healed, you’ve got to be real!’

You have to get to the point where you’re willing to open up (to a trusted source) and let someone know what’s going on with you! For example, in order for a Doctor to properly diagnosis you and possibly prescribe medication, you have to tell him/her where you hurt; where the pain is located. If you’re not upfront and honest or if you keep silent, two (2) things could possibly happen:
  1. The doctor won’t be able to help you at all, especially if you are silent.
  2. You may get a wrong diagnosis if you are not honest and that can be harmful or even worst, fatal!
In my Newly released Book: When Is It MY Time? A Poetic Courtroom Battle with God, I surprised a lot of people with the content. It was a side of me that anyone rarely saw because I was the one who often brought ‘The Happy’.
This Book of Poetry expresses raw feelings and raw emotions without holding back. I was hurt, disappointed, angry and fed up!  I was asking God, When Is It MY Time? When is it my time for love, for the abundant life and for that right relationship! I wanted some answers so I created a courtroom style setting and presented my case to the Only One I knew that could answer those questions.
One of the greatest things about it all is that I was open and honest with God. I did not approach Him with disrespect but as a woman with true and raw emotions searching for answers to my question. And God, with His great love, mercy and wisdom, comforted me, gave me hope for my life and put me back on ‘straight street’ sort of speak.
The book was freeing for me because I wasn’t afraid to tell my story. Do you know why? Because ALL of us have gone through hurt, pain, loss, disappointment and so on. With that, I knew I wasn’t alone in telling my story. The details of it maybe different from yours but the emotions are the same.
In conclusion, I want to leave you with these three (3) ‘GeNuggets’ that has set me Free! It allows me to Bring ‘The Happy’ everywhere I go. I invite you to give it a try.
  1. Realize that you are NOT alone! You are not the only woman going through or have been hurt. So, no one can legitimately judge you.
  2. Find a trusted friend or organization to share your pain or struggle. Better yet, share them with the Lord first. Open up to Him and He will lead you to the right person or place.
  3. My Motto for my Facebook Live Group, Thirsty Thursdays (Poems that Heals) is, “Keep Your Head Up and Do You!” — When you keep your head up, the enemy has a hard time keeping you down. And, when you Do You, You are being true to whom the Creator created you to be. No one can do you better than you! You are a Masterpiece! Recognize The Power of YOU! *
Listen, I would love to know how you’re doing. Let’s stay connected.
Lady Ge’

IMG_6152GeNeise Fuller is a Singer/Songwriter and Poetry Therapist. Her innovative music is filled with words of Hope, Joy, and Victory and her poetry incites raw boldness and healing to readers and listeners alike. Her GeNotes’ blog posts are written articles designed to help encourage and empower hurting women. She is also Founder/CEO of A.C.C.E.S.S. Organization, Inc. A company that is Approaching the Cause of Children Exposed to Secondhand Smoke through Education, Visualization & Communication as well as a dance coach and dancer. She has written a book “When Is It MY Time” launching Spring 2019.


Connect with me at: *For details of the Poem: The Power of YOU! For Book details: When Is It MY Time?

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