What is Your Something More…?


Written by Vivian Nelson

What is it about wanting something and wanting something more? Very few would disagree there is more of something to be discovered, to be embraced, to be enjoyed, but what is it? Many cannot answer the question because the “something” and the “more” is not fully understood or clearly recognized in the context of today’s fast- paced, technology-driven society in which we live. So what is “something” and what is “more”?  


“Something” is unspecified, undetermined, unknown, not exact; while “more” is a greater quantity, amount, measure or number. Something more then falls within the unlimited realm of possibilities, but, only you can decide what it is. No one else can tell you what your “something more” is. In Scripture, there is a story of Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-51). It is an excellent example of a person wanting and finding “something more”.

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Bartimaeus was blind and lived in a society where blindness was considered a curse from God. Because physical labor was the only means by which to earn a living during that time, his blindness prohibited him from being able to care for himself. Not only was he unable to find employment, he was also ostracized and forced to beg as a result. Bartimaeus was a hopeless beggar, a menace to society, depending on others for his livelihood…but then Jesus came to town.


Hearing that Jesus was passing by, Bartimaeus, sitting along the dusty road with other beggars, began to cry out for mercy. His cry was not a weak whimper. He had evaluated the condition he was in and knew it could be better. So he loudly cried for mercy so much that the crowd sternly told him to be quiet. I suspect it was more like today’s “SHUT UP!” But, he yelled all the more for mercy. Bartimaeus wanted something more than a life of total dependence on others while being shunned in the process. He was beyond caring what others thought and ignored all the scornful rebukes from individuals around him. He was not concerned with “likes.” Jesus heard him, stopped and said, “Call him here.”


When Jesus showed concern, some around Bartimaeus showed support and said, “take courage, stand up, He is calling for you.” Bartimaeus did not hesitate, but threw off his cloak, and answered the question Jesus asked of him, “What do you want me to do for you?” “I want to regain my sight.” By faith, his sight was immediately restored. Bartimaeus’ circumstance changed in an instant. With his sight restored, employment was now certain. The days he would sit begging was not an unknown number. Those days were over. As those around him recognized he was no longer blind, his days of ostracism were numbered and soon to be a thing of the past. The story doesn’t end there. Scripture says, after he had been made well, Bartimaeus began following Jesus down the road. His “something more” not only provided a new way of living, but a changed life.


So what can we learn from Bartimaeus? He fully recognized his condition and took advantage of the moment. He asked for help and was not bothered by or concerned with pubic opinion. He trusted the support and encouragement given by others. He ran after the opportunity when it was presented and discarded the very thing that would hinder his progress. He readily answered the question asked of him without hesitation. He did not doubt what he believed could be done for him. He left the life he had known and lived and went in a different direction. There is something more…


img_6475Vivian Nelson is married and resides in Birmingham, Alabama.  She is a follower and believer of Jesus Christ and is a retired Integrated Steel Professional who enjoys all needle work (sewing, knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch); and is an avid reader.  Vivian has traveled 40 contiguous states; six of seven continents and over 100 cities and countries. She is a member of Church of the Highlands, and an affiliate of Alabama Civic Chorale.

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Married and resides in Birmingham; Alabama Follower and Believer of Jesus Christ Retired Integrated Steel Professional Enjoys all needlework (sewing, knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch). an avid reader Traveled 40 contiguous states; six of seven continents and over 100 countries Affiliations: Church of the Highlands, Alabama Civic Chorale

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